deconnect to reconnect

Deconnect to Reconnect

The French say “reculer pour mieux sauter”: taking a few steps back to better jump forward. And there is definitely a lot of value in this statement.

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Life unfolds through events and choices

  Our lives are made up of a combination of things that happen to us and the choices we make. Once you realize that, our experience can become more peaceful. At least for many, but […]

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manieren om je brein naar de tuuuuut te helpen

3 ways to ruin your brain

In the summer of 2018, I wrote a book entitled “From prosperity to happiness at work”. It examines what causes the stress and burn-out epidemic that we are seeing across the world today. Many issues […]

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Do you suffer from time anxiety?

  Do you know the feeling when you seem to be racing against the clock? And no matter how hard you run, you rarely if ever seem to win? Your to-do list is too long […]

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de regel van 3 mercikes

The rule of 3 (merci chocolates)

  “Gratitude is a flower that grows in too few gardens”. Quite a truthful statement, especially in some of the regions with Flemish Clay. Aren’t we used to talk about what goes wrong and not […]

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Brown-out: chronicle of an announced burn-out

Franz Kafka wrote: “One sees the sun slowly set, yet one is surprised when it suddenly becomes dark.” This sentence captures the essence of those who are “suddenly” confronted with a burn-out. Many of them […]

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De ROI van een goede rookmelder

The ROI of a good smoke detector

  In February 2019, the same headline made the news twice in quick succession: house burned down due to charging a battery at night. My attention was immediately drawn, because, just like the radio DJ […]

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burn-out en werkgeluk

Burn-out and happiness at work in the 1950s

  “In our day, burn-out didn’t exist”. Do your (grand)parents say that too? And are they right? Today, everyone knows at least someone who suffers or has suffered burn-out. Or maybe you have experienced first-hand […]

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Fixed or Growth mindset

The impact of mindset

The road to success is not only paved with talents and skills, but also our mindset plays a predominant role. American psychologist Carol S. Dweck discovered that there are two styles of thinking: the static […]

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welzijn of welvaart

The parable of the Mexican fisherman

No better story to illustrate the pursuit of prosperity and well-being than this parable of the Mexican fisherman. This parable is also sometimes called ‘the rat race paradox’. What lessons do you learn from this? [...]
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een definitie van werkgeluk

A definition of happiness at work

  ‘Happiness at work’, truly a blissful word. At Tryangle, we are downright excited to be able to work on our clients’ happiness at work. But what does the term actually mean? It is not […]

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The impact of the information revolution

Did you know that in the Middle Ages a person processed as many information stimuli during his lifetime as we do today in the course of one day? Over the years, this (r)evolution has manifested […]

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