Do you want to work on supporting the well-being and happiness of your employees? Then we have some good news!
The Tryangle activities are eligible for many subsidy possibilities in Belgium. Learn more about them all below.

List of possibilities

Belgium has a lot of options to apply for financial support when investig in the mental and physical well-being of employees:

– “KMO-Portefeuille” (Flanders)
– “Fonds de l’Expérience professionnelle” (Wallonia)
– “Werkbaarheidscheques” (Flanders)
– Sectoral funds
– ESF-calls for proposals

You can find more info and details about these options below. 

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KMOP (DV.O225498) (Flanders)

The so called kmo-portefeuille is a support measure that gives entrepreneurs financial support to pay for services that improve the quality and service level of the organisation.

It’s available to a wide range of small and medium sized enterprises and the subsidy can be applied when booking a Tryangle training in the context of Personnel Management in order to achieve an efficient and functioning labor organization, focused on the overall operation of an SME, and covering at least one of these topics:
– labor organization and business processes;
– competence policy;
– diversity and non-discrimination policy;
– evaluation and performance policy;
– personnel planning;
– social legislation.

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Fonds de l’Expérience Professionnelle (Wallonia)

This “Work Experience Fund” is a service that aims to improve the working conditions of your workers aged 45 and over. A subsidy can be obtained for the purchase of equipment or participation in training that targets this improvement.


– For private sector companies
– To implement actions to improve the working conditions of workers aged 45 and over.

For more information and the types of actions for which you can benefit from this grant:
Click here (French website)

Werkbaarheidscheques (Flanders)

This initiative from the Flemish Department of Work and Social Economy, allows sole proprietorships, SMEs and large companies (with at least 1 employee) from profit and social profit sectors to recieve up to € 9.000 financial support to identify and address work-related bottlenecks within the organisation.

As a result of the corona crisis, this measure for support has temporarily been expanded to allow for efforts in the form of advice, guidance and training, to support the psychosocial well-being of the employees.

Get more details? Click here (information in Dutch)

Cevora Partnership (PC200)
Training premiums for companies.
Did your employees take a paid and/or internal training course? Cevora refunds a part of your expenses. With a minimum of administration. You can also combine this financial support with other benefits.
Logos Partnership (PC226)
Take a look at the free training offer of LOGOS or arrange for a training session with a provider of your own choice. As an employer of PC 226, you can apply for financial support for training courses for your white-collar workers in order to recover part of the costs incurred.
Co-Valent Partnership (PC116 en PC207)
Does your company execute its own training courses or do you work with an in-house training provider? If you are an employer in the chemical, artificial substances or life sciences sector (NSSO code 087) and your employees are employed by PC 116 or 207, you can apply to Co-valent for a contribution towards these costs.
Mtech+ Partnership (PC209)
If your employees are following a training course (tailor-made or open offer) which can take place either in the company or elsewhere, mtech+ will help with the costs.
Other sector funds
There are of course many more sector funds (Liberform, Constructiv, Educam, Alimento, Epos, …), each with their own conditions and subsidy limits.
Be sure to enquire directly with your sector fund or joint committee regarding the conditions for extra funding of your training and feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you with a tailor-made offer.