The 4 Day Week Global Pilot program is coming to Belgium

Partnership Tryangle and 4 Day Week Global Community

4 Day Week Global and Tryangle are joining forces to help companies and employees work passionately towards a future where productivity is more important than working hours and the work-life balance can be improved without compromising business results.

Tryangle itself also already switched to a 4-day work week.
You can read more about it here

4 Day Week Global Advocate Program

4 Day Week Global has already worked with dozens of organisations around the world to implement shorter working weeks with excellent results.

In 2024, 4 Day Week Global will also help companies in Belgium achieve this, together with Tryangle’s local guidance and expertise. Currently (February 2024), the lines of the project in Belgium are still being mapped out, but as soon as the details are clear, we will of course share more info here.

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