What does the 4 Day Week Pilot Program entail?

What is it?

This Pilot Program is a coordinated, six-month trial of a shorter work week alongside other pioneering companies, where you will receive unique support from leading experts, and access to the tools to make the initiative a success. Built around the 4 Day Week Global 100-80-100™ principle, this program will guide you to reduce work time without sacrificing productivity.

Who is this program for?

Organisations who are interested in productivity-focused, reduced-hour working, or those who have considering trialling or introducing a 32 hour week. You will have unparalleled access to the expertise, tools and resources you need to run a smooth and successful trial.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your organisation’s productivity and work culture. The 4 day week has been proven to deliver increased productivity, employee well-being, engagement, recruitment, sustainability, gender equality, and innovation.

What is included in the Pilot?

– A coordinated, six-month trial alongside other businesses in Belgium
– Access to world-class academic partners, and inclusion in the research of 4 Day Week Global
– Access to expert mentoring by 4 Day Week Global and Tryangle Happiness & Well-Being at Work
– 12 month membership to the 4 Day Week Global Community, with access to hundreds of FAQs, tools, templates, case studies and webinars – all shared by our experts and other 4 Day Week companies.
– Plus the entire 4 Day Week Global Foundation Course at no extra cost!

Details & timeline for the 4 Day Week Pilot in Belgium

Where can you find more information about the Belgian Pilot in 2024-2025?

Register here without obligation to sign up for a dedicated newsletter to receive details and regular updates about the Pilot Project in Belgium.
Sign-up here to participate in the Belgian launch event and press conference on August 22nd.
– Register for the Q&A sessions on September 5th and/or September 19th to get more details about the Belgian Pilot.

How do you participate in the Pilot Program?

– Decide if you’d like to be one of the 30 pioneer organisations in Belgium to join the 4 Day Week Global Pilot Program in 2024.
– Are you are interested in joining the pilot? Let us know you want to participate and get all the (pricing) details for your organisation type & size.
– After completing the formal agreements, we can start our inspiring journey together. 

– Attention: Applications will formally close on October 31st 2024.
– All registered pilot companies will start the preparation phase on November 2nd 2024. The 6 month trial (with an actual reduced work week) starts as of February 1st 2025.

What happens when you officially start the Pilot Program?

When your organisation decides to formally participate, the Pilot Program will launch as of November 2nd 2024, consisting out of two phases:

Phase 1: Preparation (3 months)

During this phase, we will help you choose a schedule that works for your organization, define what success looks like, create a communication strategy and help prepare you to deal with a variety of potential scenarios. You will know how to outline your proposed 4 day week and have a bank of written scenarios and respondes, metrics and KPIs to track progress, and talking points and emails for keeping stakeholders informed.

You will also get all the information needed to participate in our global research program so you can benchmark your organization for your own information and see how you compare with others in your community.

Phase 2: Trial (6 months)

During this phase, we will support you in redesigning the workday, improving technology use and the overall work culture. We will provide guidance on adapting meetings and tools, experimenting with new practices and updating daily calendars. We will also support you in reforming culture documents and practices.

Our program includes a library of constantly updated courses and facilitated workshops, one-on-one support with our lead team and weekly office hours on our community platform. With our support, your organization will have everything you need to successfully implement a 4 day week.


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