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What is a Learning Journey?

– A Learning Journey is a complete learning trajectory for employees in your organisation.
– In co-creation, we set up different learning moments over a longer period of time, allowing participants to immerse themselves in a certain topic.
– We use a combination of learning experiences across multiple channels, each with their own approach and benefits.

What are the benefits?

– It is a dynamic learning solution that suits different learning styles.
– Participants can better integrate insights about well-being or job satisfaction.
– A complete learning trajectory over a longer period has a stronger impact with more and lasting positive effects compared to a ‘one shot’ approach.
– This sustainable approach has a proven scientific, energetic and financial return for the employee, the team and the organisation.

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How does a Learning Journey take shape?

> Choose from our online and offline services and learning tools: from individual learning experiences to tapping into the dynamics of (larger) groups, from bitesize to in-depth learning, with real-life interaction or self-paced modules.

> Pick one – or more – topics your organisation wants to work on to contribute to a positive, healthy and happy company culture, resulting in better cooperation and stronger business results.

> Decide on the target group: Top-down (aimed at executives, management teams, HR professionals, prevention advisors, etc.) or bottom-up (supporting and guiding individual employees).

> Determine the nodes (the number of well-being interventions) and the duration of the complete trajectory.

Tryangle works with companies, organisations, their managers and their employees on well-being and happiness at work.