The changing view of work

In recent years, our view of work and its integration into our (private) lives has changed a lot. This has a lot of implications on the way we work.

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de regel van 3 mercikes

The rule of 3 (merci chocolates)

  “Gratitude is a flower that grows in too few gardens”. Quite a truthful statement, especially in some of the regions with Flemish Clay. Aren’t we used to talk about what goes wrong and not […]

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burn-out en werkgeluk

Burn-out and happiness at work in the 1950s

  “In our day, burn-out didn’t exist”. Do your (grand)parents say that too? And are they right? Today, everyone knows at least someone who suffers or has suffered burn-out. Or maybe you have experienced first-hand […]

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welzijn of welvaart

The parable of the Mexican fisherman

No better story to illustrate the pursuit of prosperity and well-being than this parable of the Mexican fisherman. This parable is also sometimes called ‘the rat race paradox’. What lessons do you learn from this? [...]
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een definitie van werkgeluk

A definition of happiness at work

  ‘Happiness at work’, truly a blissful word. At Tryangle, we are downright excited to be able to work on our clients’ happiness at work. But what does the term actually mean? It is not […]

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The impact of the information revolution

Did you know that in the Middle Ages a person processed as many information stimuli during his lifetime as we do today in the course of one day? Over the years, this (r)evolution has manifested […]

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