Does Belgium have a 4 day work week?

Is Belgium’s 4 day work week 32hr or 36hr? Belgium Country Partners, Tryangle - Happiness & Well-Being at Work, examine Belgium’s past, present and future plans for a 4 day work week - a 32 [...]
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The changing view of work

In recent years, our view of work and its integration into our (private) lives has changed a lot. This has a lot of implications on the way we work.

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de regel van 3 mercikes

The rule of 3 (merci chocolates)

  “Gratitude is a flower that grows in too few gardens”. Quite a truthful statement, especially in some of the regions with Flemish Clay. Aren’t we used to talk about what goes wrong and not […]

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burn-out en werkgeluk

Burn-out and happiness at work in the 1950s

  “In our day, burn-out didn’t exist”. Do your (grand)parents say that too? And are they right? Today, everyone knows at least someone who suffers or has suffered burn-out. Or maybe you have experienced first-hand […]

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een definitie van werkgeluk

A definition of happiness at work

At Tryangle, we are downright excited to be able to work on our clients’ job happiness. But what does the word actually mean? It is not so unambiguous when you think about it more deeply. After all, everyone can interpret it differently.

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The impact of the information revolution

Meanwhile, the technological (r)evolution is so impressive that we are inundated by a veritable tidal wave of available information. And this flow of information has also triggered something important around the introduction of the theme of ‘work happiness’.

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