Using workshops and full-day training sessions in various online and offline formats, we delve deeper into one or more topics using theoretical insights, practical examples and hands-on exercises.

Our try a different angle style is based on learning-by-doing, movement and fun, bringing the subject matter to life in a unique way. The Tryangle team has accumulated over 11,000 training hours and we are very proud of our average evaluation score of 9.1/10.

In-company training

If you would like to start working on well-being and happiness at work in your company or team, keeping into account the specific needs and corporate culture, go ahead and ask about our in-company well-being training sessions. These can take place in real life or even online. We offer short, powerful workshops as well as full-day training sessions with more in-depth content, but also create longer trajectories where fitted.
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Some of the currently popular training topics 
“Control stress and prevent burn-out”
“Strengthen your team’s engagement and productivity”
“Perfectionism – what are the pitfalls of wanting to do (too) well?”
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Live Online Training in open offer

Would you like to individually – or with just a few colleagues – join one of trainings in open offer? That is totally possible!

Tryangle has live online training courses scheduled for our most popular topics in which you can meet like-minded professionals. The challenges, insights, techniques and cases that are brought together provide a fascinating perspective.

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Discover our e-learning modules

Gain new happiness at work insights online and at your own pace:

E-learning “working mindfully”
Mindfulness as a solution to reduces stress has been a proven method. In this E-learning series, we apply the principles of mindfulness to the work reality and go through 7 modules to highlight different aspects of mindfulness at work. Filled with helpful tips feel less stressed and create more peace during the working day.
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E-learning “more resilient thanks to stress”
By learning to deal with stress in a healthy way, you strengthen your mental and physical resilience. In this e-learning, you get concrete tools to help you feel more energised at work, improve your contact with managers, colleagues and clients and boost your creativity. 
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*New* Tryangle Learning Journeys

Go for the ultimate mix and match and opt for a blended learning journey: a trajectory of different learning moments across a longer period of time, in which different kinds of learning experiences are deployed via multiple channels, each with their own approach and benefits. 

Together we create a dynamic learning solution that matches the various learning styles of your employees but that can also be adapted to the needs of the organisation.

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