deconnect to reconnect

Deconnect to Reconnect

The French say “reculer pour mieux sauter”: taking a few steps back to better jump forward. And there is definitely a lot of value in this statement.

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Life unfolds through events and choices

  Our lives are made up of a combination of things that happen to us and the choices we make. Once you realize that, our experience can become more peaceful. At least for many, but […]

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Do you suffer from time anxiety?

  Do you know the feeling when you seem to be racing against the clock? And no matter how hard you run, you rarely if ever seem to win? Your to-do list is too long […]

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de regel van 3 mercikes

The rule of 3 (merci chocolates)

  “Gratitude is a flower that grows in too few gardens”. Quite a truthful statement, especially in some of the regions with Flemish Clay. Aren’t we used to talk about what goes wrong and not […]

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Fixed or Growth mindset

The impact of mindset

The path to success is determined not only by talents and skills but also by our mindset. Which mindset do you have: a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

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