Employees who apply the principles of mindfulness and positive psychology at work are less sensitive to toxic stress and work more efficiently.

Tryangle has numerous training programmes on positive thinking, mindfulness, brain management, perfectionism, worrying, etc. to inspire employees.

positief op het werk

The power of positive thinking

Mindfulness and positive psychology are powerful drivers to reduce stress, worrying and concentration problems and to create more peace, also in the workplace.

These principles help employees cultivate a positive mindset that helps them to put potential obstacles into perspective or tackle them in a creative way. Moreover, this way employees can look for the ideal balance between their own values, the company’s values and their responsibilities.

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A few options to tackle this topic

Working Mindfully
Discover the principles of mindfulness and learn to apply them to the working reality. Stress, worrying and concentration problems can be reduced and we give concrete tips and techniques to tackle stress and create more peace during the working day.
Working Mindfully
The fact that mindfulness reduces stress is widely known. This online course consists of 7 modules, each of which highlights a different aspect of mindfulness at work. You can go through them all separately or follow the whole series at once.
Workshop Time & Energy Management
An interactive workshop with tips and techniques to increase productivity and manage your own energy level more cleverly. We also cover the attention curve, the impact of healthy breaks and many other applications to optimise your time and energy.
Fear of failure, high expectations, imposter syndrome – all of these can torment our minds. In this workshop, participants learn how surprisingly perfect you can be and how good you can feel by aiming for only 8 out of 10. The perfect challenge for every perfectionist!
versterk je brein
Strengthen your mind,
improve your focus
In this training, participants discover how memory works, why multitasking does not work and how maximum focus significantly increases work efficiency. An interesting workshop for everyone who struggles with time management, setting priorities and making the right choices.
‘Stop Worrying’
Worrying is a real energy drainer and can undermine our resilience. In this workshop, participants learn how to get a grip on their worrying and how to stop it. In this practical session, we bring theory and practice together. Packed with specific tips & tricks that can be applied immediately.

Sneak Peek – session on mindful working (CityWork Brussels)

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