The 4 Day Week Global Pilot program is coming to Belgium

4 day week global pilot in Belgium

Partnership Tryangle and 4 Day Week Global

4 Day Week Global and Tryangle are joining forces to help companies and employees work passionately towards a future where productivity is more important than working hours and the work-life balance can be improved without compromising business results.

Do you want to explore the benefits of a shorter work week for full-time employees?
Would you like guidance from global ànd local experts to tap into the successful tools that countless other organisations have already implemented?

Then we have great news!

Companies in Belgium can sign up until October 31st 2024 to embark on a coordinated, six-month trial of a 4 day week alongside other pioneering companies, getting unique support from leading experts to make the initiative a success.

Why try a 4 Day Work Week?

A shorter work week has a long list of benefits

An ever-growing list of countries and companies around the world have implemented shorter work weeks as a full-time occupation with excellent results.

The majority of companies who ran pilot projects have decided to continue with the 4 day week set-up.
– Managers and CEOs confirmed the 4 day week had a positive or very positive impact on their employees.
– Employees reported improved physical and mental well-being, more positive feelings about the job, a better work-life balance and improved work performance.
– As a result, the organisation saw increaased productivity and efficiency, higher revenue and less employee turnover and absenteeism.

You can read more about the benefits here

Advantages of working with Tryangle & 4 Day Week Global

Joining the 4 Day Week pilot in Belgium means your organisation can try out a shorter work week and benefit from the guidance of a global ànd local leading experts.

Tryangle and 4 Day Week Global share a mission to reshape the way we think about work and to inspire and guide organisations, managers and employees towards more rewarding and positive company cultures.

Tryangle has offered training and consulting to local organisations to create healthier, happier and more productive workplaces since 2017. 4 Day Week Global has guided hundreds of companies through pilot programs across the world since 2019.

Our teams have combined training & consulting experience working with some of the most prominent global leaders in the field as well supporting Belgian organizations of every size from every sector.


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What does the Pilot Program entail?

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