appiness at work is a shared responsibility, so it also requires active efforts from employees themselves. As an organisation, you can support and encourage employees by providing insights and tools they can use to maximise their own job satisfaction, well-being, motivation and happiness at work.

Improving happiness at work

Even within the most constructive company culture, employees have an important impact to improve their own employee experience.

Tryangle can provide training courses, workshops and coaching to inform and support individual employees and teams to formulate their personal definition of happiness at work, to discover the elements in the employee journey where there is still room for improvement and to provide them with the tools to get started.

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What kind of interventions can we help set up for you?

Happiness at work
In an interactive workshop, we help employees find out exactly what can help them feel better at work.
Keynote Happiness at Work
Ook in jouw organisatie kunnen medewerkers hun eigen werkgeluk en dat van hun collega’s boosten! Met een inspirerende uiteenzetting zetten we deelnemers aan tot nadenken maar nodigen we hen ook uit tot doen.
Also in your organisation, employees can boost their own happiness and that of their colleagues! By means of this inspiring keynote, we invite participants to both think and act to improve their happiness at work.
Choose Happiness@Work
This team game is filled with immediately applicable tips and is based on scientific insights from neuroscience and positive psychology.
Find and recognise all the positive forces already present in the team and use them actively for a happy team at work.
Webinar Happiness at Work
t impact do you have on your own happiness at work? Or should it be your manager or employer who needs to ensure that you are happy in your job? This webinar will help you discover the keys to feeling good at work.

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