How to avoid a team-out?

Vermijd een team-out


Avoid a team-out, make sure you have a motivated team – even remotely!

Now that a large part of the working population is dependent on working from home again, it is more important than ever to stay connected to each other. Not only a lot of creative initiatives that saw the light of day in the spring, meanwhile phased out or disappeared, but there is also increasing despondency due to the unpredictability of the crisis. Employees indicate that they do not feel well, that they miss contact with colleagues and that their commitment suffers as a result.

In addition to the burnout, the team-out is also lurking: the loss of connection and feeling with the team due to long periods of working from home.

How to strengthen the connection and build a resilient and motivated team at a distance?

We help you to start with these 3 tips:

Make sure you know how your colleagues are doing

In online meetings, we notice that the order of the day is often quickly addressed and that breaks are used to avoid being online for a while… Sounds logical, but there is a risk that employees will withdraw more and more. For this reason, provide room in the meeting for a check-in, in which you can relax and find out how your colleagues are doing. A classic round or a drawn smiley face set the tone and indicate whether there is a need for more follow-up. Also ask people explicitly how they are doing, especially if they are introverted themselves.

Create common experiences

The power of doing and experiencing things together ensures long-term connection. Besides an e-coffee break or e-breakfast, you can also put a smile on the face of your homeworking colleagues with small interventions. Already thought of a screenshot with the most original coffee cups, the most beautiful Christmas tree or the ugliest Christmas sweater? You can also use a virtual bulletin board on which you can share photos, videos and quotes. A classic teambuilding is of course not an option this year, but there are also possibilities online.

Stimulate motivation

When the shoulders hang a little and the future perspective is negatively charged by COVID-19, the energy batteries will run out. Resilience decreases and people retreat a bit more to their own island. From within the organization it is then important to provide energy sources and hope. Use the usual communication channels to not only spread clear business information, but also pay attention to physical and mental well-being. Another approach is to focus on positive feedback.

Do you want to start building strong teams, also from a distance?

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