Stress and increased work pressure can lead to reduced productivity (presenteeism) and absenteeism (burnout and other disorders). Working on well-being can only work when it can transcend the curative approach and all actors actively and preventively deal with well-being and stress-related complaints.

Tryangle supports organisations in implementing an efficient and hands-on well-being policy.

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Well-being policy

A corporate well-being approach combines all the information and tools that companies can make available about vitality and healthy habits for body and mind. Tryangle helps understand and clarify what negative stress can do to employees, but also informs about recognising early signs and preventing worse.

We support companies and teams in the use of well-being tools (to prevent stress and burn-out, but also to improve the health, resilience and performance of teams) and also offer guidance in dealing constructively with absence and reintegration. Together, we design an appropriate action plan and, if necessary, a well-being policy to optimise well-being at work and make it sustainablye and effective.

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A few options on how we support organisations and team leaders on well-bieng and vitality topics

workshop corporate wellbeing
Workshop Corporate Well-Being
This dynamic exploratory workshop elaborates on the ROI of investing in well-being at work with (scientific) insights on the impact of (negative) stress and the benefits of a strong well-being policy.
Stress en burn-out herkennen
Training Recognising Stress and Burnout 
Prolonged unhealthy stress can lead to burnout, which you should better avoid in your team. As a manager, you can play a significant role by noticing signals in time and making room to discuss the topic within your team in a constructive way.
Tryangle consulting
Management Consulting
Tryangle guides HR professionals, well-being managers or team leaders with tailor-made consulting trajectories in order to design and implement a detailed well-being strategy tailored to the organisation.
Well-Being at Work: Myth or Reality?
Inspiring keynotes on corporate well-being can be a suitable way to get management, team leaders and/or employees to think about their impact on well-being as well as share some important do’s and don’ts.
Webinar Corporate Well-Being
Through dynamic webinars, Tryangle can support managers, HR professionals and employees with information about, for example, recognising and preventing burnout or guiding the reintegration process after a long absence.

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