Motivated employees are the fuel of the company. Drive and commitment combined with the freedom and autonomy to take initiatives, to grow and to learn make for fun at work, a contagious positive team vibe and better performance.

motivatie en werkplezier

Meaningful work and job satisfaction as happiness drivers

Employees who enjoy their work are better at their jobs. Employees who find their work to be meaningful and feel that they can make an important contribution have a healthier motivation and drive. Companies that guide their employees in the right way to maximise their job satisfaction and motivation are organisations that people want to work for. This is how you can win the war for talent!

Tryangle helps employees and teams to gain more insight into the match and overlap between their personal motives and objectives and those of the team or organisation. Various topics can be elaborated in the form of training, coaching and teambuilding in order to delve deeper into the purpose of teams and employees, or to grasp the tools for motivation.

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zinvol teamwerk
Meaningful teamwork
We tackle the match between the mission and values of an organisation and the personal mission of employees in order to develop a stronger sense of belonging and responsibility.
Job Crafting
Insights and tools for employees to increase personal motivation, flow, energy and creativity with topics such as attention and energy management, autonomy, sense of purpose,…
Tryangle webinar Griet Deca
The ABCs of motivation
In this webinar, we examine motivators and demotivators in the workplace, work with the ABC of self-determination theory and discover the keys that can increase your motivation.
The Motivation Challenge
With the help of this challenge tailored to the team or organisation, we make employees think about their personal motives and alignment with the values and objectives of the company.

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