In order to enjoy optimum job satisfaction, it is important that employees develop sufficient self-knowledge and self-leadership to not only choose the right environment that suits them, but also take the initiative to address and improve challenging situations and actively engage in job crafting.

Tryangle can support employees in this regard with individual or team coaching.


Job satisfaction as the basis for happiness at work

Without a good foundation, you cannot build happiness at work. What does it take to get a solid start? Job satisfaction!

This means that each individual can find themselves in the right place. If all goes well, the right matching has been done during selection and recruitment, but of course people and organisations evolve. To keep people on board in a sustainable way, it is useful to regularly check if everything is still aligned and to offer the necessary support in case of problems.

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Potential interventions with regards to this topic

Internal Inquiries
To measure is to know. Tryangle works together with strong partners to map (opportunities for) employee satisfaction, well-being and happiness at work.
Workshop Self-Leadership
An accessible workshop to make employees aware of their own qualities and what they need to find job satisfaction.
Individual Coaching
Do you feel like you are stuck in your job? Are you in need of job crafting? Want more insights on your talents, your energizers, your challenges and your pitfalls? Individual coaching can be the tool to help you take a big step forward.
Workshop Work-Life Blend
We guide employees to make an impact on the relationship between these two important aspects of life. We work on a few basic principles and share practical tips for more peace and less frustration.

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