Employees can make a very large contribution to positive relationships in the workplace. As a company or team leader, you can focus on improving the communication skills of your employees and increasing trust, appreciation and cooperation within teams.

Tryangle can support you in doing this with trainings, workshops, team building and coaching.

sterke communicatie

Strong communication, strong teamwork

Working bottom-up on connection within the organisation means supporting the employees and giving them the right tools for optimal teamwork. Help employees and teams to opt for positive relationships and communication by offering them the necessary training.

Some of the themes that may come up are: staying connected as a team – even remotely, assertive communication, non-violent communication, giving and receiving feedback, etc.

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A few options to work on this topic

on team connection
In this energetic webinar, you will discover how to avoid a team-out when working more from home. Participants receive practical tips and tricks for more motivation and connection.
Remote Cooperation
In this (online) workshop, we look for ways to stay connected as a virtual team, to give and receive trust and to strengthen team spirit.
Handling Conflict
Every day we can come into contact with both clear and subliminal conflicts. In this webinar you will learning to avoid frustration and make room to say what you think or feel in a constructive way.
Training Communicating Mindfully
Everyone can benefit from smooth communication at work or beyond. Starting from the basic principles of mindfulness, we look at the how and what of communication.

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