Brown-out: chronicle of an announced burn-out

Franz Kafka wrote: “One sees the sun slowly set, yet one is surprised when it suddenly becomes dark.” This sentence captures the essence of those who are “suddenly” confronted with a burn-out. Many of them […]

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De ROI van een goede rookmelder

The ROI of a good smoke detector

  In February 2019, the same headline made the news twice in quick succession: house burned down due to charging a battery at night. My attention was immediately drawn, because, just like the radio DJ […]

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burn-out en werkgeluk

Burn-out and happiness at work in the 1950s

  “In our day, burn-out didn’t exist”. Do your (grand)parents say that too? And are they right? Today, everyone knows at least someone who suffers or has suffered burn-out. Or maybe you have experienced first-hand […]

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The impact of the information revolution

Meanwhile, the technological (r)evolution is so impressive that we are inundated by a veritable tidal wave of available information. And this flow of information has also triggered something important around the introduction of the theme of ‘work happiness’.

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