By offering (digital) well-being workshops as an organisation, employees learn techniques that can be applied both curatively and preventively for more resilience and vitality.

Well-being interventions

Tryangle organises in-company workshops and trainings for employees on well-being and resilience, tailored to your company culture. We offer insights that give a boost to the resilience of employees against stress and increased work pressure. These workshops also help them to become aware of their own energy boosters and energy drainers so that they themselves can (pro-)actively intervene when the balance is compromised.

We support organisations with an extensive range of corporate well-being services to inspire employees.

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Just a few examples of our offer regarding well-being and vitality

Online orĀ  offline workshops for more resilience with a broad spectrium of topics to choose from such as vitality insights, movement or breathing excercises, ergonomics,…
Working Mindfully
Learn to apply the principles of mindfulness to the working reality and achieve more peace during the working day.
Our keynotes are short but powerful presentations in which we can give concrete insights and tips to a larger group of employees.
More Resilient Thanks to Stress
Turn unhealthy stress into resilience, strengthen your mental and physical health and get more energy.
Digital Detox
Teach employees to use digital tools and technology more effectively and efficiently to reduce digistress and increase productivity.

Looking for more inspiration for a creative well-being intervention in your organisation or team?

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