Tryangle is part of an international joint venture which, together with 3 other partners from different countries, has created the world wide partner network Woohoo Unlimited .

Woohoo Unlimited

In July 2020, after more than fifteen years, Danish Chief Happiness Officer Alexander Kjerulf decided to pass the torch to work happiness experts he trained himself. This is how Tryangle, together with organizations from the UK, the Netherlands and Canada, took over the partner network on happiness at work from this renowned expert.

Woohoo Inc was renamed Woohoo Unlimited and in this way continues to provide expertise, research, training, events and exchange opportunities for professionals worldwide around happiness at work. Kjerulf stays connected to this joint venture as a member of its Advisory Board and the international expertise that he has built up in the field of happiness at work thus remains and is still growing every day.

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Happiness at Work Partner Network

The organisation behind the Woohoo Inc partner network has now been taken over by a joint venture between Tryangle (Belgium), Happy Office (The Netherlands), Happy Coffee Consulting (UK) en Cloud 9 to 5 (Canada).

This network of happiness at work professionals spans four contingents and includes over 50 active partner companies from over 30 different countries. The Woohoo network is known for its evidence based approach and for bringing together real life examples of diverse companies that are already working on happiness at work and extensive happiness at work expertise of all partners. In this way, Belgium has become an important player on the world stage when it comes to happiness at work.

Woohoo Unlimited is not only a community for professionals who believe in the power and benefits of healthy and happy workplaces, they also pride themselves on the underlying scientific knowledge that underlies ‘the business case of happiness at work’ and emphasizes its ROI. Besides (partner) events, Woohoo Unlimited also organizes on a regular basis an (online) Chief Happiness Officer Training, in different languages.

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